You are His Image

You are His image (Gen1:26)

“People say I am not beautiful. I have a lot of spots on my face. Got a big mouth and very slim. What can I do?”



The truth in your mouth is your image (Matt. 5:37). “I am beautifully and wonderfully made by God”. Why care about what people say? Why listen to what people think? If you can believe what you’ve heard, you will see what you believe. (Heb 11:3b).

People will talk about you, people will call you “ugly”, people will call you “slim”, but why should what they call you disturb you?. God created us in His own image, in his likeness (Gen. 1:26).

When I was still in secondary school (JSS 1 to be precise), some people called me names. They told me I was really ugly, proud and annoying. But you know what I did? I smiled and walked away. It didn’t disturb me at all. I was called ‘ugly’ for no reason (I later knew it was jealousy). I was called proud because I was really quiet. I hardly spoke to people. But that’s my nature. Don’t get me wrong. I wasn’t a sadist. I had friends. But I was extremely quiet. Do you think I changed because of what they said? NO! It wasn’t a wrong attitude. It was just me being me.

In this world, not everyone will like you. Some will call you ugly while others will call you beautiful. Everyone sees you in a different way. Not all will walk up to you and tell you you’re beautiful, but they see the beauty in you. Some people may be looking up to you, some will take you as their role model, but you wouldn’t know. People watch every move/step you take. As long as you have a relationship with God, what else do you need? As teenagers, we are bound to have spots on our faces. It’s part of our growth.

The thief comes to steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10). People will try to steal your joy. People will try to kill your self-esteem and people will come to destroy you with their tongue, but it’s your choice to allow them kill, destroy and steal from you. Listen more to the voice of the master not the market (Ref: Rev. 3:18). The things they say wouldn’t take you to heaven, don’t let them steal your joy. Focus more on the Word of God. Focus more on making it to heaven.

When I was in my last year in high school, there was this girl in my class who I always thought was prettier than me. But you know what? She had a really bad character which made her beauty invisible. I was really jealous of her. Anytime I saw her, I felt really bad. So, when I got home that evening, I ran to my room and went straight to my mirror and said to myself “You are so beautiful, you have a beautiful nose, mouth, hair, complexion”. While saying that, I was filled with joy. “The moment you make up your mind to be ‘you’, that’s the moment your true beauty sets in”. When you feel or think you’re ugly according to people, you’ll feel bad about it. You’ll see others and get jealous (sin sets in). Jealousy is a sin. It will affect your spiritual life.

Never try to imitate or live someone else’s life. You have your own beautiful character and personality which people look up to.

Always be grateful for who God has made you and focus more on your calling.

Hey Girl! Go! Fulfill your calling! Remember you are fulfilling your calling only when you allow God work through “that you” He has created.

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I’m Naomi Bot. I love sharing the Word of God and I yearn to fulfill God’s purpose to help teenagers live a great positive and godly lifestyle.

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